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  Payment Plan

  Super Areas (in sq.ft.)

  1485 *(2BR)

  1999 *(3 BR )

  2673* (4BR )

  * Areas mentioned above are tentative & may vary +  15% in Super Area.


  Price List For GH at Gurgaon

  Basic Sale Price(BSP) 

         2800/- + Any of the following options

  Option 1-Specification Charges (Standard)


  Option 2-Specification Charges (Deluxe)


  Note: Specification Charges are compulsory however applicant has to opt for either of the two options mentioned 

   Other Charges

  EDC(Extrenal Development Charges)


  IDC(Infrastructure Development Charges)

         34.45/- per sq ft

  PLC(Prefrential Location Charges):-


  Corner Facing

        100/- per sq. ft.

  Corner Facing + Club Facing

        150/- per sq. ft.

  Ground Floor

        100/-per sq. ft

  1st Floor

        75/-per sq. ft

  2nd - 3rd Floor

        50/-per sq. ft

  Reserved Covered Parking 

        250000/- per slot

  IFMS(Interest Free maintenance Security)

        50/- per sq ft

  Club Membership Charges

       100000/- per family

  Fire Fighting & Power Back-up Installation Charges

       50/- per sq ft

  Note: All Prices mentioned are escalation free & Basic Sales Price includes (Base Price+ Specification Charges)

   Construction Linked Payment Plan

  Booking Amount

15% of BSP

  On or Before 45 days

15% of BSP + 50% of PLC + 50% of (EDC+IDC) 

  On Casting of Ground Floor Slab

10% of BSP+50% of PLC + 50% of (EDC+IDC)

  On Casting of 3rd Floor Slab

10% of BSP + CPC

  On Casting of 6th Floor Slab

10% of BSP+Club Membership Charges

  On Casting of 9th Floor Slab

10% of BSP

  On Casting of Top Floor Slab

10% of BSP

  On start of Masonary Work*

7.5% of BSP

  On start of Cladding

7.5% of BSP + FFC

  At the time of offer for Possession

5% of BSP+ IFMS+ Registration charges+ Stamp Duty

  *This installment & subsequent installments may not come in the same order in which they are mentioned.  

   Depend on development/construction at site.


  Down Payment Plan (10% rebate)

  Booking Amount

15% of BSP

  Within 45 days of Booking

80% of BSP +100%Add. Charges

  At the time of Possession

5% of BSP+ IFMS+ Registration charges+ Stamp Duty

  Add. Charges includes PLC+EDC+IDC+CPC+Club Membership+FFC




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